Sketches – Edition #4

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Sketches Edition #4 is the fourth in a series of publications by Hansje van Halem in collaboration with De Buitenkant Publishers. The publication contains unfinished and applied work from the last four years.


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In this 80-page soft cover publication the focus is on the domain of the printer: ink and paper; line and grid; overprint and knockout. Four printers were given room to try out different paper varieties and inks on sketches or existing designs in this interplay of experimentation, search for variation, surprise finds and serendipity. 


Design publication, softcover, 80 pages full color printed on 7 different papers, 20 x 28,7 cm, published by Uitgeverij De Buitenkant.


This edition contains printed matter by printers: robstolk® printers did a marvelous job interpreting fluorescent originals and soft shadings with their home brewed extended full color inks. Offsetdrukkerij Jan de Jong / De Buitenkant accepted the challenge to print five layers of ink on dark brown paper with his one color press. Rodi Rotatiedruk usually prints high volumes of newspaper print. They slowed down the press to print eight colorful pages that were originally designed as newspaper illustrations. Also printinghouse Zwaan Lenoir spiked their inks to keep the color alive of screen based graphics. The book uses four papers by Igepa combined with papers the printers leftover stock. Last but not least KuiperDonse is responsible for the foil print on the cover and Patist is binding this publication for us.


Published by Uitgeverij De Buitenkant / 20 x 28,7 cm / 80 pages in an edition of 750 / full color / printed by Zwaan Lenoir, drukkerij robstolk, Rodi Rotatiedruk and Offsetdrukkerij Jan de Jong / paper by Igepa and others / foil print by KuiperDonse / binding by Patist